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It’s ok I get it, if websites are hard enough to try and figure out for you, especially with all the jargon like html, css, CMS, ecommerce, domains, hosting etc etc, then seriously… what the heck is SEO!?, why do I need it? Why can’t my site just be instantly at the top of Google when its launched?… Now that would be nice hey!

If when I build a website I could get you at the top of google at the same time, then I’d do it. Unfortunately, and like with anything it is a very complex process that takes time and skill in order to get you there. SEO is quite simply a fine art that needs to be carried out by a professional, sure there are lots of things you can implement yourself that will help your site rank well and I would be happy to point you in the right direction and help with this if you decide to have a website built with us and you can’t budget in an SEO plan just yet.

What surprises me, particularly in our modern world is the amount of businesses that do not treat digital marketing as a high priority. As I mentioned above though, I do get it, as it can be a minefield if you don’t understand it. You would be surprised though at how many clients I meet on a regular basis that tell me they are spending big money on a certain yellow book (you know the one i mean)! It just baffles me. The first question I always ask is this – “if you are in need of say, a graphic designer, what do you do?” Now 9 times out of 10 I get the reply of “I either get my phone out, or look on my computer and search for Graphic Designers locally”. Which is spot on. The one that tells me they look in the Yellow book, then I walk out the door as I just can’t help that person! ha! I’m only kidding, but I do get slightly concerned for their health and wonder where they have been for the past 10 years. The answer in that question explains all… if you want your business to be found in todays world then you need to be showing (highly) on rankings. This means you need a good SEO plan, and your money is far better spent on where people are actually looking for your service.

Search engines like Google, rank sites which appear to be the best fit for whatever a user is searching for. When a search is performed, Google will use a combination of crawl bots and algorithms to search your site and then figure out where it should be placed in the search listings. For example, if your site contained the text “graphic design services in Norwich” and someone typed in “graphic design norwich”, then Google (or other search engines) may pick up on this connection and display your site to the person searching. This is certainly not guaranteed though as there are many other factors which affect how well your website will rank and whether that search engine will trust your site. A few of these factors include things like – how well written your content is, the relevant links to your site from other sources, your bounce rate, social media, how updated the content on your site is etc etc.

Once this advanced review of your site has been done by the search engine (such as Google), it will then determine how trustworthy your site is and how relevant it is to the search. So, providing all of these factors are done correctly then you are more likely to rank highly and thus potentially open you up to a huge amount of customers looking for your service/product. When your site is ranked highly then this can quite literally change your business overnight from a small business that wasn’t being found by anyone online to being found by everyone searching for what you provide!

There are a lot of dodgy SEO offerings out there that will quite simply harm your site and rankings. We only offer Holistic SEO plans, and for good reason. Google’s algorithms have become increasingly advanced and can instantly spot any poor tactics that may be carried out. As a result this can mean your site ends up in the Google Sandbox, which in other words, it means it stops ranking. Now no one wants to be in the Sandbox… do they?!

I can’t stress how important this service is to modern day businesses and how much business you will be missing out on by not going ahead with it. Anyway, all of our SEO packages are bespoke to your business and my team will evaluate and make sure that we choose the best methods that will work for you. We have no contract tie ins but we always recommend at least staying on for 3 months to start seeing some real benefits.

So if you are interested in SEO, then please get in contact with me and I can provide you with more details.


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