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Punderful is another vision of mine that I turned into a business. I always found puns really funny and had a knack for coming up with them. So over the years for some odd reason I kept a notebook full of them that I would always add to when they came to me. I am really not sure why I started collecting them, although I think I knew there was always something I could do with them to share them with the world one day… guess it does make sense now.

So having had Reality Dreams trading for a few years and making a mark in the clothing industry, I really started to get quite knowledgable in the fashion world. Without going into too much detail it has been the toughest and yet the most rewarding challenge in my life so far and I have learnt so much. That feeling you get when you are walking down the street and you see someone wearing your creation is just amazing or the endless celebrities enjoying your creations is just crazy as it was all a pipe ‘dream’ not that long ago. Anyway, digressing slightly… Punderful had to be different, it couldn’t just be funny puns on basic tees and it couldn’t try and establish itself as a well known fashion brand. So I thought I’d put my experience in the industry thus far to test and create a mix where the funny designs were created on fashionable and quality garments. Stereotypically, creators of slogans/funny clothing have no real care (maybe lack of knowledge) for the garment fit, style and quality of the design and the print, as its usually just about the message displayed on the front. So I think I have spotted a market gap here and created a brand that will appeal to not just light hearted people but will also attract the fashion conscious out there too.

Anyway check it out for some more examples of graphic and web work I have carried out.


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