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This was another one of my Eureka moments (they happen often) that came to me whilst sat on the sofa with a cup of coffee (probably a pint of beer actually!) and an advert came on the tv. The advert at the time was advertising the new Apple iPhone with the smart new panoramic feature. I really liked the advert and decided there would now be a need for people to print their new panoramic images. I searched online and there was nothing that obviously stuck out offering this service. I then knew I had to act quick whilst the iron was hot and whilst Apple were doing all the advertising. Luckily I was already a director of a printing business (Iceni Print) and so I knew we could offer this service but it had to be a standalone and be specific to printing panoramic photos to fill this gap in the market I had identified. So without wasting anytime, that evening I got straight to it and it was about a week or two later the website was up and running.  We are now the UK’s leading premium panoramic canvas and printing service.

This business can be viewed as what we can offer from a design and website point of view. When hiring me for your project you will not just get a ‘designer’ but an all round creator and thinker who will help turn your concepts into something special.


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