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Icenimedia is another business of I am a director of. It was created by myself and my business partner with the intention to serve our marketing and website clients providing them the option of having a full social media service.

The model is great and we started using it with great success for our current clients and soon decided to expand it. We made it even better and now offer it out as a standalone service to all businesses. You can simply sign up for a package via the website. Our social media dashboard is now free to use for all also, so be sure to try that out as even without a content writing service plan, I promise you will love using it and it will save you so much time.

Social Media is a big world for businesses and yet one where some are afraid of, not knowledgeable on or use it poorly. These factors often put companies off using it but with a little assistance we can help them unleash the full potential creating and maintaining a social media presence.

This business can also be viewed from a web and graphic design perspective on what I can offer.


  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Business cards
  • Logo design
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