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Iceni Group is a next generation agency that is the brainchild of myself and my business partner Matt. We decided to group all of our businesses in the marketing area together to create a super group of services. We work with some of the most talented individuals in each of the main services we provide and we are very excited about this project. Between us we have many clients, mainly Norfolk clients but also large national and international clients too and can cater for everyones needs in the marketing world. Nothing is too small or too big. We love start ups, we have been through the start up process now too many times, but fortunately come out the other side with some strong businesses. Which is great news for our clients as we have done all the bad things, made big mistakes (or lessons!!) and come out a lot wiser. We can now offer you services and advice so that you do not need to make any mistakes and to get the best out of your business!

One of the reasons for starting Iceni Group was that I found far too often when dealing with a client for some graphic design work or for a new website for example, that they were actually in need of many other services. Some were already utilising these services but with many different businesses, to which all were pulling in different directions. One would be looking after the branding, another for the website, another for the print, another for PR etc etc and it just became very messy and expensive for the client as they were not all working in sync. Fortunately once we got in front of the client we were able to offer all of these services to make their life 100% easier.

The thing is we never really advertised that we could do all of this and had all these resources until we sat down with the client. The reason behind this was that all of our business came from word of mouth and always having too much work on to take on anything extra. A nice position to be in I hear you cry, but we want to help more of you succeed, offer help and guidance and offer you one point of call for everything. We have now built a great team and added further resource and so we decided that the Iceni Group had to be born.

So you may have landed on my website wanting some graphic design work or a new sparkly website which is great but if needed we can actually offer you a full blown package utilising many of our services.


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